The safety of 'Levovir(clevudine)' is approved by the KFDA.
The safety of 'Levovir(clevudine)' is approved by the KFDA.
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The Central Pharmacist Committee of KFDA has hold a meeting of PMS committe on 7 May, and concluded that Levovir(clevudine), Bukwang Pharmacheuticals' drug for the treatment of HBV, has hardly any problem in its safety.

Clevudine was licensed to Pharmasset(U.S.A, drug maker) from Bukwang Pharmaceuticals, where the drug is marketed under the brand name 'Levovir'.

But because some South Korean patients receiving clevudine as prescribed therapy for hepatitis B have reported more serious myopathy than have patients in the Pharmasset clinical trials, Pharmasset decided on 20 April 2009 to voluntarily terminate its Phase III QUASH studies of clevudine for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B(HBV) infection.

And Bukwang Pharmmceuticals has temporarily stopped selling Levovir.

As a result of the KFDA's conclusion, Bukwang will restart selling Levovir sooner or later.<헬스코리아뉴스>

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